API Pacific has instigated a unique medical insurance service proposition that ensures that our clients receive personal service that is not available with any other medical insurance product in Bali, Indonesia & Asia.

  • This medical service has been developed to ensure that while living in Bali, Indonesia & Asia your safety is prioritized.
  • By controlling medical decisions in the region we:
    - take into account the limitations of regional medical facilities
    - are able to guide you to the best medical options
    - have shortened response times significantly
    - will insure that you get to the most appropriate medical facilities in the area
    - can monitor your condition effectively and take appropriate action
    - are able to provide considerably shorter response times in medical emergencies
    - have extensive medical networks around the region for your safety
    - can initiate emergency evacuations immediately and make important decisions in minutes rather than hours.
    - have 24 hour help lines in your time zone, with people that speak your language
  • We have been active in South East Asia for over 20 years facilitating solutions for medical emergencies and routine health issues.

This personalized regional service has proven itself far more effective for dealing with medical problems experienced by our clients. A peripheral effect is that by micro managing individual cases our API Pacific Expacare products, whilst being identical to those on the global market are significantly less costly.

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If you require information about health insurance options made specifically for Bali, Indonesia or other areas of Asia, please contact us with your specific requirements and we will respond with a number of calculated options.

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