A Story About a Motorbike Accident CLIENT DETAILS
Name : N/A we will refer to him as the patient
Age : 29 years old
Nationality : American
Sex : Male
Remarks : 4 years living in Bali - never had insurance

Hospital Name : Bali Royal Hospital
Medical Expenses : IDR 85,000,000.00
Hospitalized : 3 Nights
Procedure : One Day Surgery
Surgery : TBA
Remarks : 50% deposit before the procedure

A GoFundmepahe was organised by friends to help him pay for the hospital bill.

You will never know when it can happen, so make sure to be prepared!

It was 10pm and the patient was driving the bike through a long road super fast. All of the sudden he got cut off by a car that seemed to come out of nowhere. In an attempt to avoid the crash, our patient pulled the bike on the other side of the road, crushing straight into another bike driving on the right side of the road.

This was happening on Teuku Umar street in Denpasar. The patient felt straight away something bad had happened to his right arm. There was a lot bleeding and a lot of pain. Right after the crash, the patient left his bike and jumped in a car by himself to go to the hospital.

His arm needed a 6 hour surgery. The patient did not have enough money to cover the hospital bill so his friends set up a GoFundMe page in an attempt to raise $8,000 to pay the bills. The patient was discharged after 3 days hospitalization, but required to come for weekly wound dressing, which would cost $100 each visit.

After the accident we spoke to the patient about health insurance, and he mentioned he has never had to use health insurance while living in the U.S. and so decided to not cover himself once he moved to Indonesia. Upon reflection, he realized the cost of paying for health insurance is way little in comparison to the hugely inflated costs of medical treatment in Indonesia.

It is a terrible story, one that happens way too many times to people that never think health insurance is necessary. International Global Health has been hand-curated for unique conditions that people experience whilst living and working outside their home countries. The IGH team knows that medical emergency is imperative and needs highly specific and quick responses.

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