What is Chest Pain

Heart attack can be the first thing that we think of when we have chest pain. However, there are many potential causes of pain in the chest area.  No matter the cause, a person usually wants to eliminate the pain quickly

Heart pain could occur because of untreated infrequent chest pain, which could be due to digestive issues, muscle strains and anxiety.



You must seek urgent medical care when:

  •  Your heart or chest pain feels crushing, tight, squeezing or heavy
  •  You suspect that you’re having a heart attack
  •  Shortness of breath is experienced alongside chest pain



There are several things that we can try at home to alleviate heart pain when it occurs or/and to prevent future occurrences.

The home remedies below are for heart pain that can only be used when you has been examined by a doctor and is certain that the chest pain is not caused by serious condition such as heart attack as these remedies are not compatible with angina pectoris

  1. Lie down

When the heart pain strikes you, lying down immediately with the head elevated above the body may bring some relief. A slightly upright position helps when the pain is due to reflux.

  1. Hot Drinks

A hot drink may help to eliminate gas when you’re in pain due to gas or bloating. The hot liquid can also help boost digestion.

Hibiscus tea has been found to have several benefits to help bloating. Hibiscus tea may also play a role in lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. These added may help to prevent heart complications

  1. Turmeric Milk

Did you know turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate pain symptoms on your chest? Turmeric milk combines about a teaspoon of turmeric spice with a cup of warm nut milk. The mixture should be drunk before bed, this is may help alleviate the pain.

Studies indicate the compounds in turmeric can help with the preventing heart disease. The spice has also been shown to reduce cholesterol.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another home remedy meant to help with acid reflux. Some people claim that drinking it before or after meal may prevent acid reflux.Apple cider vinegar has minimal side effects but people taki

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