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John Hardy October 2014   

I am most grateful to you because you saved my life and I want to say one more time thank you so much for doing that. It wasn't clear that I was so close to the edge during my recovery as Cynthia was sort of saving me from the grim facts that I was almost done in by the hospital here in Bali. Again Richard, thank you for the making the effort of getting me on that airplane when the hospital said that it was not neccesary to evacuate me. 


Paul Van Schagen
September 2014

Dear Richard
Thank you for your support these past 23 days, I have finally time to thank you and fill you in what happened. As his Spanish insurance refused medivac I eventually guaranteed it, as my dad suffered a stomach perforation in Surabaya hospital He got medivaced two weeks ago to Gleneagles and immediate surgery he just go a fit to fly form after being there two weeks, he was 3 days in intensive care and we almost lost him. I made the decision in Surabaya to pay for the medicvac my self with global assistance, but eventually the Spanish insurance took responsibility , Gleneagles fixed him up very well. He left this morning under medical escort to Spain first class with SQ. So all good so far. At the same time I want to introduce a friend and colleague a chef at a hotel in Ubud who has a family wife and kid and recommended to change their insurance with you. Please contact Adriano directly,i suggested the same package i have with the 1500 Usd deductible. Thank you Paul

Thank you



Third Millenia Health are, in my opinion, the best 24hour Insurance company that has the connections and experience to get you evacuated quickly in an emergency...not easy in this country if your company does not have the right level of language fluency and the right numbers on their handphones and the right "connections" in the right places... Plan for the worst then everything else is better...

Sophie Digby July 2014


"As you probably know we have moved from Bali permanently.  It has been hard to leave Bali since I lived there for 12 years, but it’s the right move for us.  Damitra and I want to sincerely thank you for all your help and support over the years.  Without your experience and support, Bali would be a much more precarious place to live. You help provide safety and security for many, and we commend you for this." 

Paul Harb - Melbourne, Australia


"I just wanted to tell you that when I die , I would like to have engraved on my head stone I would have been here twenty years earlier if it had not been for Expacare "

Linda Garland - Bali, Indonesia


"Just to let you know the foot chop all went extremely well at
Raffles. I now have a cut 'plantar fascia' and 'heel spur' in a jar.
Expacare came through and covered everything.
Thanks for all your help...I wouldn't be hobbling around on crutches
today were it not for you"

Jeanette - IALF


"Hi, this is Dustin. I'm just back in town and just starting to feel normal again! Wanted to say thank you for your help when i was sick! You were great as always! Take care!"

Dustin - By SMS



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