We are proud to have played an instigataory role in founding several of these non-profit organizations leading to innovative ways of helping Indonesian communities. These non-profit organizations are promoting healthy changes to the environments in which they are established.

Yayasan Manusia Untuk Masyarakat

Yayasan Gelombang Udara Segar

Wave Of Change

The Sumba Foundations

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Aussie surfers help in asylum rescue

JANE HAMMOND, The West Australian
April 7, 2011, 5:51 am

Picture: Lucy Fitts

An Australian couple on a surfing holiday assisted in the rescue of 138 Australian-bound asylum seekers off the island of Rote in WestTimor at the weekend.

The asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran were on their way to Australia when their overcrowded vessel hit bad weather and suffered engine trouble near the tiny island of Ndao on Friday.

The group were intercepted by Indonesian police and transferred in a fishing boat to Rote Island, about 10km away, before being taken ashore.

Nathan Flax, from Subiaco, and his partner Lucy Fitts, from Melbourne, were on Rote when they got news of the rescue.

The couple, who speak Indonesian, assisted by translating instructions and information from the Indonesian officials to the asylum seekers.

Mr Flax, whose father runs the non-government organisation Mum Bali Foundation for the victims of the Bali bombings, said the asylum seekers were very calm but confused and one man even asked about his relatives in Australia.

"The boat had been at sea for seven days and seven nights and we think had originated from Sulawesi," Mr Flax said.

"The police were plain-clothed and showed great compassion in dealing with the illegal immigrants."
Mr Flax said most of the fishing village of Nemberala were on the beach to witness the arrival of the asylum seekers.

The villagers had told him that such an event happened about once every six months.

"First to land were approximately 12 children varying from age two to 12, then eight women and a number of Afghan males," he said.

Mr Flax said he understood the asylum seekers had each paid about $14,000 for their passage to Australia.

"We were told that the illegal immigrants would be transported to Kupang (in West Timor) for processing before being sent to Surabaya orJakarta for further processing before being sent back to their home countries," he said.


Picture: Lucy Fitts

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Prisoners of Kerobokan

Art Auction at Mannekepis Restaurant

It’s almost 2 years ago that a jailed man from Kerobokan prison got the idea to do something about the miserable state of his inmates. He felt they lost heart and passion as he did himself. The incredible willpower of one of the Bali-nine called Myuran, condemned to death himself; has a huge heart for others and felt something had to be done. So he thought about education, he thought about caring for each other, he thought about art…

He started the long mission of convincing the director of the prison and the guards, that art and education does well for people within walls. After a slow start and little money from outside, he could show re-sound balance within his little group.

There was happiness again. Slowly other people from outside were involved and now it’s becoming a serious program that attracts directors of prisons all over Indonesia. Kerobokan prison might become a ‘model-prison’ in Indonesia.

Meanwhile there are programs for painting/ drawing, but also silver smiting and shirt making. Many people are involved… many people are happy as they can be in this environment.

But like always, these programs need funding for materials to continue these disciplines and there is always a lack of it!

A new idea found earth, create a new shop with what the prisoners make: A full circle - the creations go to shop, money (hopefully) will come due to sales so they can buy materials. This is a totally non-profit idea for the people of Kerobokan who need help from outside to survive mentally. Just to survive until they get out, on in some cases to survive until their sentence is executed.

Two artists are involved: THEO SRIJEN and NICO VRIELINK; both teaching art in prison twice a week and on the 16th April, engineering an auction of over 40 paintings of the prisoners. The artist will paint “live” on canvasses to be auctioned on the same evening. There will be live music “DC and the Powerhouse” a booklet with all paintings will be printed and presented at “Mannekepis”.

Readers are welcome to make an offer on enclosed paintings with min. offer of one million rupiahs.

Nico Vrielink


16th April 2011 starts on 8.30pm
Reservation please calls Yannic (081933096750)
Mannekepis Restaurant
Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 2x

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Happy Hearts supporting MUM

October 2009

As a result of a number of a number of highly destructive Earthquakes in Indonesia, API Pacific’s established non-profit organisation Yayasan Manusia Untuk Masyarkat or MUM has acted to help improve the livelihood of those affected. In particular, we have been creating friendly and functional work environments for Indonesian children around the archipelago. With support from Happy Hearts foundation we have been able to positively affect many children and communities in Indonesia. Please click here to read more

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MUM in The Jakarta Post

8th October 2009

API Pacific’s non profit foundation receives recognition for hard work in the Jakarta Post.

MUM is responsible for the well being of 44 orphans, building almost as many schools, and our latest mission now involves providing water as the basis of life to improvised people.

Please provide support to this organisation, in one of our projects or if you have a project you would like us to manage then please contact us. Please click here to read more

Hope Floats

September 14th 2009

AUSSIE swim star Michael Klim and TV favourite Simone Buchanan brought hope to an endangered culture and thousands of desperately poor Indonesian villagers with the launch of the Sumba Water Project. Please click here to read more

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Gallery Opens with ‘Gotong Royong’ Spirit

Gotong Royong is a well established philosophy in Indonesia were the community works towards a common goal by everyone playing a hand. The community in Bali have pulled together to support the less fortunate here in Indonesia. All profits are donated to MUM, which so far has a very good accountability level, 92% of donations go directly towards intended projects.

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Safety first : In Case Of Tsunami Flood, Find A Safe Place...

When it comes to a Tsunami make sure that you get to a elevated secure location.
If planning ahead try to stock such a place with clean water and canned foods.
Tsunami's are becoming a regular issue that people living in Indonesia and Asia are encountering
Prepare for the unexpected, much like your health. Have options available, health insurance gives you medical options as you are free from financial restraints and your insurance company will insure that you are in the most appropriate medical facilities available

Health and safety in asia

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